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Ellen & Eve

Ellen & Eve is a business started by my wife Vicki. For the last 18 months Vicki has been raising our daughter, although our daughter likes to keep Vicki nice and busy, she found she wanted to find a new hobby and a way of filling her free time with something fun and productive. 

She quickly found candle making and wanted to not only start making candles for fun but wanted to sell them and create an Etsy shop. 


Vicki was starting from scratch and wanted a name and some branding. We talked about this a lot, she wanted a family name for the business but also something that wasn't Vicki's Candles.

After a lot of conversations we agreed on, Ellen & Eve. Ellen is Vicki's middle name and Eve is our daughters middle name. We both loved this idea as our daughters middle name has a significant sentimental value to our family. With the name agreed and knowing Vicki's vision I opened Illustrator, picked a font and created the logo. 


Web development

We knew we were using Etsy as our online shop, the fees are reasonable and it delivers visitors outside of your business advertising. As well as this we wanted to have a shop window and a place for people to visit to learn about their candles and the Ellen & Eve brand. 

I built the website using Umbraco providing a place for Vicki to provide information on her products but also some tips and tricks for her customers to get the most from their candles and links to purchase them for her Etsy shop.

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