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Hope & Soul

Hope and Soul is a fantastic charity helping vulnerable children within orphan care facilities in Arusha, Tanzania.


Founder Hope Prosser initially approached me for help building a site using an online template tool, but the restrictions of online templates meant I found it difficult to advise her. Instead, I offered to build her a bespoke, content managed website from scratch.


Hope had a clear vision and knew what she wanted her site to do, so the creative guidelines she gave enabled me to quickly deliver exactly what she wanted.

As soon as Hope was happy with my design, I created and hosted a preview domain so that I could provide regular updates on the progress of build. Hope built Hope and Soul from nothing so it was great for her to see her website coming together in the same way.

Luke is an above and beyond kind of guy, a pleasure to work with, producing professional results that fitted with my vision for the charity. I have no technical experience but he provided user friendly editing features and always provides extra support when needed. We couldn’t ask for a better website designer!



It was important to Hope that her website would have the capability of taking donations online, giving their charity a place for the public to make donations in a way that is straight forward, recognised and trusted. 

PayPal was a great option for Hope as this provided her a way of creating buttons through her account and adding them to the site.

Hope and kids


I design my content management systems to be clear and user friendly, and once the site was complete I gave Hope training and support to enable her to populate and update her website content easily and confidently.

It was a privilege to help with such an amazing and important charity.

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