Jason came to me having had a website created by a family friend, he wanted me to check it over and give my professional opinion. The website was built using wordpress along with a surprisingly popular extension called elementor. 

I gave Jason a review of the website and listed a number of improvements that I considered extremely important. These changes were not going to be made so Jason decided to commission me to design and build his business a new website. 

I worked closely with Jason giving him full design control and approval, what he wanted I delivered. It took a 3-4 weeks for Jason to feel happy with the design and give me the go ahead to start building. 

During the website build I gave Jason regular updates and a preview site for him to review the work and progress. With only a couple of minor changes we put the website live, replacing the old site and now with 98% performance levels, Jason is much happier and delighted with the speed changes can be made.