Jane Brown Art


Creating an online presence for Jane Brown Art

In the realm of artistry, a strong online presence can be a powerful tool for artists to showcase their creations and connect with a wider audience. This was the mission when local painting artist Jane Brown sought to establish her digital footprint. With a vision to have a website that truly represented her style and art, she collaborated closely with our team to bring her artistic world to the digital realm. This case study delves into the journey of creating an exquisite website for Jane Brown Art, highlighting the harmonious fusion of design, technology, and creativity.

Understanding the Vision

From the outset, it was apparent that this project was about more than just crafting a website; it was about translating Jane's artistic essence into a digital masterpiece. Our collaborative process began with a series of in-depth conversations, during which I delved into Jane's artistic style, inspirations, and aspirations. By immersing ourselves in her world, I was able to glean a profound understanding of her work, which in turn guided the website's design direction.

Crafting the Aesthetic

One of the primary goals was to ensure that the website's design seamlessly complemented Jane's artistry. The color palette, typography, and overall layout were carefully chosen to echo the fluid strokes and vibrant hues that characterize her paintings. Through a series of design iterations, I worked hand in hand with Jane to strike the perfect balance between elegance and artistic expression.

Empowering Content Management

To enable Jane to maintain an active online presence, Iintegrated the Umbraco CMS into the website. This decision was driven by its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, making it a seamless process for Jane to update and manage her content regularly. I provided comprehensive training to ensure that she felt confident navigating the CMS, empowering her to effortlessly add new artworks, update exhibition details, and engage with her audience through a user-friendly admin panel.

Logo Fusion

The synergy between Jane's art and her website extended beyond the digital canvas. Collaboratively, we embarked on the journey of creating a logo that not only resonated with her artistic style but also harmonized with the website's aesthetics. The logo, an elegant fusion of brush strokes and typography, serves as a visual bridge between Jane's physical art and her virtual portfolio.

Results and Impact

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a captivating online space that authentically reflects Jane Brown's artistic journey. Visitors to the website are greeted by a visually enchanting interface that encapsulates the spirit of her paintings. The seamless integration of the Umbraco CMS ensures that the website remains up to date, providing visitors with fresh and engaging content.

Since the website's launch, Jane has witnessed a significant increase in online engagement. The intuitive user experience and visually appealing design have not only drawn in art enthusiasts but have also piqued the interest of potential buyers and gallery owners. The website has become a vital tool for Jane to connect with her audience, share her latest creations, and announce upcoming exhibitions.


The Jane Brown Art website stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, where artistic vision met technological innovation. Through close partnership and careful consideration, I was able to create a digital platform that not only showcases Jane's art but also amplifies her unique voice as an artist. This case study underscores the transformative potential of blending design, technology, and creativity to build an online presence that resonates with an artist's soul.