Customs Clearance company Port Partners came to me to help them develop their branding, digital presence and website.

I started by working closely with the company and their staff to glean as much information as possible to provide myself with a solid understanding of the key services Port Partners provide to their customers.


It was clear that Port Partners, although they were a start up. They had huge potential to grow, and grow quickly. Their branding had to represent that, often larger companies have a badge incorporated into their branding. Something the general public can see alone and recognise the company immediately.

Given my understanding of their business I decided this would be a great addition to the Port Partners branding. I wanted it to represent their excellent customer service to encourage repeat business, to do this I decided on the infinity symbol. I created spaces between the different sections to acknowledge the three step process, highlighting the stripe through the middle to emphasise the customs clearance part of the process. 

Website design

Port Partners wanted a modern and corporate looking website to clearly demonstrate their expertise and services. The brief was vague and vision was open minded, I essentially had a blank canvas to show them what I can do. 

Communicating closely with Port Partners during the design process I presented 3 different visuals, this provided several different components for them to pick from and combine to create a clear and consistent design.

Website build

With the visuals signed off it was time to start the build. Providing regular updates to Port Partners with a preview sub domain the process was seamless and upon delivery Port Partners were delighted.