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Creative duo Amy & Gav came to me in search of a web developer building a bespoke website incorporating a content management system. Amy is a Digital Designed and had already designed pixel perfect visuals for me to build to providing me with assets and some design guidelines to follow. 

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During the development process Amy & Gav packed their bags and hit the road travelling for roughly 10 months, meaning development discussions became a little more difficult. I like to communicate closely with my clients during the development process to ensure they're happy with my progress, we worked out the best time for skype calls and emails became our go-to for communication. Although this was a first for me, I found it worked really well and both Amy and Gav were delighted with the website and are becoming more and more confident using the content management system of choice, Umbraco. 



Amy & Gav returned from their travels ready to formally start their business and work full time as a freelance creative studio. They are a glowing example of how easy to use Umbraco is and have been fantastic in uploading content regularly, making use of all the components they had designed enabling their site to be filled with excellent content. 


I have worked with Amy before and would like to personally recommend her and Voyage Creative Studio to anyone looking for regular design work. Please look over their website and see how they can help you.