Digital Design // Development

I'm an experienced freelance Web Designer and Front End/ Umbraco Developer. I create fast and responsive bespoke websites from scratch, helping business of all shapes and sizes identify and achieve their online goals.



David, owner of Portsmouth's The Salon had begun a complete re-brand of his business when he approached me. He wanted a clear, user-friendly website where he could promote The Salon's services, and capture a new audience while pleasing his existing clientele.

With designs visuals agreed and David satisfied that his site was going to meet his expectations, I started the build. It was a straight forward build from beginning to end, Keeping in touch with David regularly with progress reports and updates.

To keep things affordable for David we decided it wasn't necessary to include a content management system. Fortunately the website was build in a way that is easy to maintain and to extend enabling changes to be made with very little development time and expense. 

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