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Get your business online or improve your online presence.

Get your business online or improve your online presence.

Direct Clients

Finding the right company to help you with your business's online presence is not an easy task. Agencies can sometimes be overwhelming and expensive and knowing which freelancer to place your trust in can be just as confusing. There is a design principle in programming called 'KISS' (Keep it simple stupid). This is a principle I like to not apply to my web development but to my design and development process. 

To get started all thats left to do is get in touch. 


Communication is a vital ingredient to a successful project.

Working with freelancers may be new to you, I understand how different this can be and the trust you have to place in me may be quite stressful. As well as building your online presence it is my job to make your digital journey stress free. I keep in regular contact with you, providing updates on your project and preview links for you to monitor the progress being made. I am always available via email and respond as quickly as I possibly can (usually within a few hours).

Digital Design

Understanding your company, its values and branding is crucial when it comes to Web Design.

Your website must be an extension of your brand to ensure your customers have the same trust in your website that they do in your company. Using a Web Designer to design something bespoke not only allows you to have full control over the look of your site but provides a tailored, unique experience for your visitors.

First impressions count. From start to finish, I personally design every pixel of your website, making it 100% bespoke and as memorable as possible for your visitors.

Your website is your shop window, and often a customer's first experience of your business. I understand how important it is to your business for your website to stand out among the competition, look great and offer an easy and enjoyable user experience from the very first glance.

Responsive design. Because many, if not most, of your visitors are using mobile devices, it is vital that your website performs on all screens. Every website I create is responsive across multiple devices as standard.

Web Development

Choosing the right option for your business.

Companies now have multiple options when it comes to getting their business on the internet, from well known online platforms and website generators to website creators using content authoring tools. Although these are helpful and can be cost effective they're not always the best approach.

Finding a developer capable of building your website from scratch provides a significant and incomparable advantage. Technical performance can play a massive role in the the overall performance of your websites speed and organic SEO. Here are some of the ways I can help your business stay on budget and deliver a website high in technical quality.


I use modern technologies to ensure that your website's performance is brilliant

I pride myself on building well planned, scalable and maintainable websites, high in technical quality. Using web optimised images, effective compression techniques and recommended practice I ensure your website is fast loading, giving your business a great head start to online success.

Content management

If you require a content management system (CMS) for your website, I offer two packages: self-managed and developer-managed. For a monthly fee I will manage your website's content, from making sure your text and images are up to date to inputting blog articles and news stories at your request. If you choose to manage your site's content yourself, I offer training to enable you to do this effectively.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is the service that allows your website to be accessible on the internet.

I offer website hosting packages for every website I build. My competitive rates can be billed every six months or annually and can include an optional Secure Sockets Layer (SSL Certificate).

Depending on the complexity of your website, you may require a bespoke maintenance plan. More information is provided upon project estimation. 

Unique mailboxes

Add your branding to your inbox.

If you have a domain name you may also have custom email addresses (eg: Not only does this add consistency and professionalism to your website, it lends legitimacy to your business communications, making sure they land safely in your customer's inbox.

Working with me

If you're happy for us to get started we'll both need to sign my simple freelance project contract. This is merely used to outline what has been agreed and to help us both be clear on what is expected from our agreement.

I also require 50% deposit up front before starting a project, with the remainder due upon project completion.